■Entrance Fee: ¥2000 (Includes the official Cosholic Booklet)
(Please note that any camera and cosplay registration fees are all included in the entrance fee)

  • Due to the mature nature of Cosholic, staff will be carrying out age verification checks. People under the age of 18 (as well as high school students 18 and over) will be refused entry.
  • Please have one piece of photo ID prepared while waiting in line in order to have age registration checks go quickly and smoothly. (e.g: Driver’s license, passport, TASPO card, employee ID or a college student ID).
  • If you are unable to present 1 piece of photo ID, please present at least 2 pieces of identification with which the staff can verify your age and that you are the person mentioned on said non-photo ID. In the case your photo ID has expired, you will also be required to show 2 other pieces of identification (e.g. A Japanese certificate of residence, a copy of your insurance card, a commuter pass, a membership card from a video rental store, and any other type of membership card with which your age can be determined). Cosholic hopes to count on your cooperation so the event runs smoothly.
  • You will be given a wristband after the age verification process which will serve as your pass for entering and exiting Cosholic and needs to be visible at all times when in the venue.
  • Pamphlets will be given a verification stamp after the registration process.
  • It is strictly forbidden to record and/or stream anything at Cosholic.
  • It is forbidden to take pictures outside of the allotted photography areas (e.g. at vendor booths, in the lobby etc.)
  • Please do not leave trash at the venue and take your own trash with you from Cosholic.
  • Please refrain from running inside the venue and committing any act that could damage the venue or cause issues for other participants and the cosplayers.
  • Please do not sit in front of vendor booths or do anything else that might otherwise block passageways.
  • It is forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol inside the venue. Please use the designated smoking areas outside of the venue.
  • When reentering the venue after going to the bathroom or designated smoking areas, please show a staff member your wristband that was given to you during check-in.
  • To avoid bothering other people using the venue facilities or nearby residents, please do not stay for extended periods of time or make too much noise at the designated smoking areas, the 1st floor lobby, the building’s entrance, etc.
  • It is strictly forbidden for talent agencies and AV production agencies to do any scouting activities. People found to be doing any such activities will be asked to leave.
    • ➢If you encounter any objectionable scouting activities, persistent customer soliciting, or other activities that can be seen as scouting, at the venue, we urge you to report this to a nearby Cosholic staff member.
  • If you want to put up a flyer, or hand out flyers at Cosholic, it is a must that you send it in, with the necessary forms to the Cosholic executive committee beforehand to be approved.
    • ➢Flyers handed on the day of Cosholic without the necessary forms and approvals will not be put up or placed anywhere in the venue.
  • It is strictly forbidden to report or publish any online or offline content on any medium without the necessary permission.
  • Anyone performing activities that the Cosholic staff deem could hinder the smooth operation of the event, or hinder others in enjoying the event, will be asked to leave the venue.
  • Keep in mind that anyone who does not cooperate with the event management or other staff members, will risk being asked to leave the venue.

We hope we can count on your cooperation so that visitors to both categories (18+ and All Ages content) can enjoy Cosholic safely.


  • It is forbidden to photograph people without the subject’s approval. Please get permission from the person in question before uploading any pictures online on blogs etc. For publication in any medium, please also censor the faces of people whose permission was not given.
  • Attendees who have obtained Photography Tickets will be given priority.
  • The rules and conditions for acquiring a Photography Ticket vary depending on each individual Circle. Please confirm how to obtain Photography Tickets with each Circle individually. Photography Tickets will be asked to be returned after your allotted photoshoot time is over.
  • Do not use tripods. When using light reflectors, please be aware of the people in your surroundings. The use of large-scale light reflectors is forbidden.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to film and/or stream at Cosholic.
  • If lines exceed a certain length, it is possible that Photoshoots will be done in a group photoshoot fashion. Group photoshoots are done by having photographers surrounding the cosplayer and photographing said cosplayer at the same time. Even during group photoshoots it is absolutely necessary to ask for permission to take the cosplayer’s picture. Photoshoots end when the allotted time is over.
  • It is forbidden to ask cosplayers to take extreme poses when photographing them. Please respect the cosplayers’ wishes in every regard during photoshoots.

 - These extreme poses could include, but are not limited to the following:
   × “Could you open your legs and position them in an M-shape?”
   × “Could you stick out your butt more?”
   × “Could you sit down and put your feet against each other?”

  • Do not photograph while laying down, this takes up a lot of space and can possibly hinder other attendees.
  • It is forbidden to touch the cosplayers’ bodies, to flirt with them, to intimidate them, to use aggressive language towards them or anything else that might make the cosplayer feel unpleasant. Anyone who has been found to display any behavior violating this rule will be asked to leave the venue.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take photographs or videos at vendor booths, in the lobby or any other place other than the allotted spaces for photoshoots.
  • It is forbidden to do any news reporting or interviewing etc. without the necessary permission.

In order for Cosholic to go smoothly, we would like to ask people to have their photoshoot finished up quickly once the allotted photoshoot time has passed.